Monday, 24 September 2012

Nothing to do with Us

Danny from the Evangelical Alliance pops in to set the EA's story straight on the story of the Gay Conversion and the Protestant Pope. Basically, Danny's absolutely right. When contacted by the BBC, the Evangelical Alliance had no comment because it was nothing to do with the Evangelical Alliance. They are an umbrella group representing (not overseeing) some evangelical Christians in the UK, and had no reason to comment in any way on the story.

The BBC article's comment that the EA "did not wish to comment" is therefore factually accurate, and yet misleading by omission. By stating that the EA did not comment, it is being lined up with all those public bodies that decline to put forward a spokesperson when a disaster has happened, a vulnerable group has been let down or a serious procedural issue has been found in a Civil Service Department. But the BBC reporter might as well have asked the RAC, the Campaign for Real Ale or the Ovalteenies for an opinion. All would have had no comment - because it has got nothing to do with them.

All in all, the irony is that the involvement (or lack of it) of the Evangelical Alliance in a BBC story reminds me of a BBC spoof of a BBC programme. I hope you can see the connection. But if you want to blame Christians for oppressing homosexuals - can I emphasise this has got nothing to do with me.

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  1. Is an umbrella organisation responsible for things that go wrong with umbrellas?


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