Saturday, 8 September 2012

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

So a decent start to the day. Our game of "Marian Just a Minute" went down a storm. You have to explain the concept of "Immaculate Conception" without hesitation, repetition or getting it confused with the Virginal Conception of Jesus. I think it's fair to say that was the longest round of a panel game ever played.

At ten o'clock we're going to be answering the vexed question of Our Lady's swaddling clothes - were they blue, or pink like all other little girls?

I've cancelled the Queen of Heaven Tea-cake Stall. I'm just a bit worried about the danger of confusion. But we will be singing the Salve Regina and Hail Mary at various points through the day.

Rosaries will be at 6.30 in the replica of the replica of the Holy House that Young Keith is knocking up next door to the Moot House. It's been a while since I visited Walsingham, but I'm sure there weren't so many breeze blocks and old fence panels in the Holy House I saw there. Mind you, a makeshift and temporary location to represent the place where Our Lord first tabernacled among us - a place of draughts and holes, where the sun will burn you by day and the wind howls through at night, and the rain and dew will soak you in the morning - maybe that's not such a bad idea. If the House where Our Lady first heard the news was anything like the one in Walsingham, St Anne's candle bill must have been enormous.


  1. This sounds like being a little like heresy. But, given that I'm not a Roman Catholic, I won't be losing any sleep over it.

    At least be respectful.

  2. I had an Auntie named Marian (pronounced 'MARY-an.') Which is odd, since she was a Presbyterian.

    I feel that this is the beginning of a Clerihew but I can't conclude it. And it isn't in the slightest bit relevant.

    See, I definitely couldn't conclude it because 'conclude it' and 'relevant' don't remotely rhyme. It's confusion worse confounded. (If in doubt, quote either Milton or Hamlet. It won't explain anything but it'll make you feel good!)

    love Mags B (that glass of port may have been a mistake) x


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