Monday, 3 September 2012

Of Daleks and Incense

Ridiculous response from Burton when I suggested that, now we've a couple of tame daleks, we can get a thurible.

How are daleks supposed to wave thuribles? asked Burton. When clearly you can hook the chain over their eye stalks. The thought of a couple of liturgically-coloured daleks (orange, between Lammas and Samhain) emerging through clouds of incense smoke - what a sight that will be!

People are asking me where we got them from, and how I know they're safe. To which the answers are (a) Their Asylum has been destroyed, so I'm looking after them for a friend and (b) They're too scared to do anything.


  1. Has the incense got to you Archdruid?

    You seem to be seeing/posting double.

    Or should we send for the Doctor?

  2. Having trouble with my Android.
    Brain the size of a planet, and it posts duplicate entries.

  3. I'm not sure about Dalek's in Church, but using on as a mobile Thurible, processing up and down the Aisles, puffing out smoke in all directions would clear the church quicker than a smoke alarm.

    However I should disarm their blast weapons before deploying them because the Church Wardens might be their first victims.

  4. is your android the reason why I appear to me making duplicate replies?
    is that why you have TWO daleks?


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