Monday, 10 September 2012

Don't tell English Heritage

An intriguing piece in the Telegraph, about a vicar who, when the ring was lost at a wedding, used a spade to lever apart two blocks of stone and recover it.

I'm in two minds here. Obviously the vicar has "gone the extra mile", and given a good example of the Shepherd with the lost sheep or the Woman who Loses a Coin. But I can't see any mention of the word "faculty" in all this masonry-moving. The Archdeacon's gonna be livid.

(Thanks to @richcornfield on Twitter for the tip-off.)


  1. It sounds as if his garden will be well dug and planted if he has a spade handy, or perhaps he doubles as the grave digger.

    And why do you need a faculty to life a stone? Surely if he was demolishing the church, than a faculty would be required?

  2. Don't you believe it! If memory serves, you need a faculty to paint a wall the same colour it is already... I can just imagine the Archdeacon with his clipboard and tape measure coming to assess the extent of the Vicar's spadework. One thing I don't miss about parish ministry! (No disrespect to Archdeacons).

    Incidentally, there's a lovely photo in the Telegraph of the best man hunting for the ring, which almost answers the perennial question about kilts.

    Do you ever have such problems at handfastings?


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