Thursday, 20 September 2012

iOS6 Upgrade

Much excitement around our Community over the iOS6 upgrade. So much so, I've realised I can charge extra for bandwidth. The Apple and Beaker community have two things in common - they both have no problem with spending extra money if they think it's going to make them better people. And, after spending all that extra money, they're not better people.

Speaking for myself, I've been able to set my phone's alarm to be a song since about 2009. And, if my phone's maps application is a bit dodgy (and it is) I use the "stop and ask someone App". Although, if the person I ask immediately takes an iPhone out of their pocket, I just run over their feet and clear off. In those circumstances I'm probably better off taking my chances and guessing.

Personally if I can afford their ludicrous revenue charges I'm going to put out my own "My m-place in the Un-i-Verse" Apple app, specially tailored to their users. They'll be able to upload their image straight to a point in virtual space labelled "Axis of Rotation".


  1. Upgraded my iphone last night and turned it, albeit temporarily, into a brick.

    Had to use the 'look at piece of paper to find time and location for funeral' - frightening, haven't been allowed out for years without an Apple product in my hand.

    Panic over - it's back in my pocket (and I'm writing wearing my PJs :-))

    Happy Thursday guys

  2. As the proud none possessor of an eyphone, but the fortunate owner of an android device I'm glad that I don't have an eyephone. Following the horror upgrade stories on twitter and the various websites pointing out the short comings and dangers of upgrading a perfectly serviceable os for a flaky one, I have a modicum of satisfaction that I'm not at the forefront of expensive technology.

    My android has only upgraded once in the past year and that was cosmetic changes - it just works and the gps app is as good as anything available anywhere for mapping, location etc.

    It just works.

  3. Have you checked to see if Husborne Crawley is still on the map?

  4. I love the LOOK of the iphoney stuff, but he-who-makes-all-our-technology-work is 100% non-i-phoney.

    So all our technology works.


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