Monday, 3 September 2012

Coughs and Sneezes Spread Anglo-Catholicism

That's really odd. The way Randolph over at Drayton's chapel went all Anglo-Catholic the other day. And now it's happened to Werguild. It's like some kind of epidemic.

I've no idea what happened. We had the dalek thurifers at Filling-up of Beakers this evening, and as the incense died down we discovered Werguild crossing himself. We regard people expressing their faith through just about any kind of religious devotion as normal - we are the Beaker People, after all - but it was the genuflection that gave it away. Nobody with Werguild's knees would do that kind of thing just because it felt good.

In other news, a couple of local churchwardens appear to have gone missing.  And we've gained two uncontrollable robotic killing-machines. I don't know why this makes me uneasy. Just a coincidence, I guess.


  1. A couple of churchwardens gone missing and two killing-machines..... are these linked?
    What would Poirot say?

  2. My first Christmas present as a newbie Churchwarden from the outgoing Chutchwarden was a large packet of jelly beans and a pop-gun. All Churchwardens become secret killing machines after a couple of months. You can spot retired Churchwardens by seeing them Exchange knowing smiles...

    1. You're the only officials in the country apart from the Speaker to get offensive weapons without training. Can't be bad.


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