Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Midweek Europa League Service

It being a fairly low-key, mid-week Occasion, I lined up the youngsters, nearly-folk and has-beens for this evening's Occasion. It's an idea I stole off Brendan Rodgers. Obviously I don't have the resources to operate a rolling rotation system - unlike some better-resourced, more Scottish archdruids whose services go on an extra 10 minutes if nobody's gone forward for the altar-call after normal time - but I don't want any of the key personnel to pull a hamstring or sustain a nasty tea light-related burn or contusion.

So today's line-up for Filling-up of Beakers was as follows:

Chief Beakerite: Charlii

Boutrosifer: Burton Dassett

Beakerettes: Ogbert Carragher; Osric Pacheco

Pourer-in: Skolzi

Mandolinier: Chaffinch.

Personally I didn't "travel with the team" - but I did record the whole thing on Webcam, and having just played it all back my notes are as follows:

Charlii: Promising performance, distribution a bit wayward in the second half.

Burton: Useless. Couldn't even hold a pebble straight.

Skolzi: Meant to be there to provide a bit of experience - an old head on old shoulders. Didn't expect him simply to rush down the aisle and kick Osric in the back of the leg like that.

Chaffinch: Can't actually play the mandolin. In retrospect, I may have been putting a square peg in a round hole.

So all in all, a mixed evening. The young ones showed promise, but the ones that should have taken responsibility just seemed a bit off the pace. Still, the Hnaefs and I will be well-rested come the weekend.

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