Friday, 21 September 2012

The Starkadders Return

Well that be why I do never let the blogs I really love, disappear from the blogroll.

As the darkness sets in, as the storms do gather round the little manor house in which we dwell, as Fenris Wolf do stir and start to howl - Judith Starkadder do finally break off from a summer spent wishing the plants would grow, to let us know that Autumn be as bad as ever. And the earth may burn but we will quiver.

It's not blogged often, but I love it when it appears. Beyond the Woodshed.


  1. Go go the woodshed! I've kept them in my google reader in hope and now it is all worthwhile.

  2. But look here, if you had a little mop and could wash the dishes more quickly, you could have more time in the cowshed with the dumb beasts.


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