Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bad Science - the Sanex Ad

The Food Hospital on C4 - the opportunity for the advertisers to pummel us with adverts for cosmetics, baby milk and health foods.

So I've just had the misfortune to see a Sanex ad proclaiming their product contains "a reduced number of chemical ingredients". This is meant to be a good thing. Well, quite. After all, who wants to go using a multitude of chemical ingredients? I mean, take Arsenic. A block of arsenic contains only one chemical ingredient. That's gonna be fewer than in any Sanex product. How pure could you get? But's it's a really bad idea to rub it under your arms.

So they're trying to tell us something else. Maybe it's fewer artificial "chemical" ingredients? That is - ingredients that are, as it were, artificially created using actual chemistry.

Like laurel leaves, for example? They're purely natural. Obviously, they're poisonous. But they're natural.

So I don't know what they're trying to sell me. But take my advice. Don't assume that if something is "pure" or "natural" that means it's good for you.


  1. I never consume anything made of "chemicals" - best stick to pure natural energy, kinetic or potential are easiest to digest, steer clear of spiritual though, not enough vitamins ;-)

  2. You are all, of course, familiar with the warning notices about that dangerous chemical dihydrogen monoxide?

    Dangerous stuff, those chemicals!


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