Saturday, 29 September 2012


I love Michaelmas.

The Feast of St Michael and all Angels is a wondrous thing. A reminder that there really is a battle, and it's already won.

It's not accidentally placed in the year, in my opinion. Just as the days are shortening quickest, we are reminded of the Battle in Heaven. As the Gibbon Moon Folk start to wonder if it will ever be light at 9pm again, we need a reminder of that victory which resonates from one end of time to the other.

So yesterday we had the JCBs in, creating replicas of St Michael's Mount, Mont St Michel, Glastonbury, and Dragon Hill in Uffington. On the first three of these, Beaker People will be hurling flaming Dragons off and trying to get them to land in the "Lake of Fire" (or "bonfire", to be more accurate). On Dragon Hill, Stacey Bushes will be recreating Kate Bush's video for "Cloudbusting". It's gonna be a great event. As long as none of the dragons sets fire to the rain-making machine.

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  1. And it's Full Moon tomorrow - and the Chinese Moon Festival (probably involving dragons, and certainly a jade hare). A wondrous time! Enjoy, and many angelic blessings to you!


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