Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Baked-Bean-O-Phone

I'm pleased to announce that the music at this morning's Pouring-out of Beakers will be provided by Burton's Baked-Bean-O-Phone. Twenty-four baked bean cans, each filled with just the right amount of water to produce a two-octave musical instrument.

It's meant to give us all a really affirming message about reusability - an empty can is still useful, even without needing to be melted down. It's also a theological message. For we all keep our treasures in cans of aluminium - and though we may not have much love, at least we can sound like a clanging cymbal. Or symbol. Or something.

But respect to Burton - he only had the idea yesterday, and he's been eating beans all night. He tells me that it wasn't too bad, although he struggled over the catering cans he's using for the bass notes.

So although Burton will be leading the music, he'll be doing so via a video link from the Doily Shed. We feel it's safer. We've got tea lights in the Moot House.

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