Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Colour of Magic

It is a great joy to me, lifting my heart and causing my soul to skip like unto the hills of the psalm, whenever I see new converts flocking unto this little Zion, O my brothers and suitably-instructed sisters. And especially so when they have been gathered from the godless and self-obsessed Beaker Folk next door.

And yet today although I welcomed Quizling and Torquil into the house of the Lord, which is to say the Bogwulf Baptist Chapel, for initial instruction after their abrupt conversion, there is something that seems not right unto my heart.

This is the first time I have ever had two people arrive at the manse door, each with a pot of paint stuck on their heads - blue for Torquil, and green for Quizling. I still do not understand the full details - and they were, after all, still spitting out paint after I removed the pots - although I gather the so-called Archdruid was behind it. For apparently she chose "MacNeil" - at which my two new brethren asked what was wrong with "Munro". I have no idea what this means, and can get no more sense from them.  I can only hope they are not the names of two of the darker spirits that I may have to cast out. This is what happens when we start to dabble with strange powers.


  1. I thought the Moot house had 4 doors?? And if so it should be possible to reach a compromise: 2 green, 2 blue. Or even 1 each of the four prime colours, which should please everyone.
    But I'm only a blog visitor and maybe this detail is of no consequence in the day to day events at the manse, or maybe you've had renovations done....the possibities are endless.

  2. Elizabeth

    It has four solar doors representing the key points of the annual cycle.

    Plus the door that leads in via the Corridor of Uncertainty from the Moot House.

    And the Great Southern Door, which is the one we've been arguing about these last few days. We never open it, partly for sacred and arcane reasons that are too complex and theological to explain simply. But mostly because it deformed in the dry weather and we can't get it to move.


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