Thursday, 12 January 2012

Extreme Worship

Afraid we've had to call off this morning's planned "Extreme Worship" event.

Young Keith's uncle the police constable tells me that if we want to drive around the village with the worship group clamped onto the top of four Citroen C4s, singing "I hear the Sound of Rustling", we'll have to have all the roads closed. And come up with some way of stopping the music blowing away.


  1. Quite right too! Why should other Christians have all the fun. (I'm still miffed that the next village had Morris dancing in the aisles for Plough Sunday last week while we were celebrating Epiphany with a severely redacted service because the Jesus Seminar decided there were no magi.)

  2. I'm making notes for our liturgical dancers. They haven't tried Morris dancing yet.

  3. I reckon if the Jesus Seminar had stuck to Morris Dancing, and Morris Dancers tried out Biblical criticism, we'd all be a lot better off.


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