Monday, 23 January 2012

Takeaway Religion

I wasn't so convinced with Young Keith's latest concept in alternative worship.

I mean, sure, it's accessible. There's no real barrier to the unchurched at all. You're meeting people in a very real way, as the saying has it, and you're giving them what they need.

But Cafe Church to Go? Isn't that just a takeaway coffee bar? I mean sure - saying "God bless" instead of "Have a Nice Day" makes it spiritual. But I really doubted whether it would work. Till I saw his franchise plans, and now I'm thinking the idea may be richly blessed.


  1. Now if Young Keith could just master the face of Jesus pattern when sprinkling the nutmeg/cinnamon on the froth he'd nail the free publicity from the press and web.

  2. Why stop there, Phil? With a number of different shakers we could do the BVM, St Julian of Norwich or even Sir Alex Ferguson.


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