Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Death of Thomas Hardy (1928)

1st Yokel: That Thomas Hardy's still dead, then?

2nd Yokel: Aye, reunited with the Immanent Will as we all will be.

1st Yokel: Come again?

2nd Yokel: Yes, he be dead. One of the Things Growing in a Country Churchyard, as we all will be.

1st Yokel: Shall we drink to that?

2nd Yokel: I've not seen a drap o'drink since nammet-time on Lammas-tide, though that were as pretty a drap o' tipple as I've seen this side o' sheep-shearin'. Otherwise it's all been nowt but smalls.

1st Yokel: Can you please speak English. Is that "yes" or "no"?

2nd Yokel: That's "yes".

1st Yokel: Then knock it off, and let's get a pint.

2nd Yokel: 'Tis an ungodly remedy, but we ought to feel deep cheerfulness that a happy Providence keeps it from being any worse.

1st Yokel: What?

2nd Yokel: I said, it's your round.

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