Sunday, 8 January 2012

A New Retention Myth

In contrast to the old, clearly-made-up Retention Myth I would like to propose the following:

People remember 55% of things they warmly agree with.
81% of the bits they violently disagree with (of which they remember about 5% accurately)
And 42% of sitting around feeling in a comfortable and safe place.
4% of what they read on notice sheets
9% of what they subsequently hear when someone reads all through the notice sheet again for them
1% of the things on a notice board
Yet, mysteriously, 75% of urban myths


  1. The only thing more entertaining than an urban myth is a good rural one; they are life with the plot line you feel it should have.
    As for remembering them, I can give four examples of rural myths that go back more than a thousand years yet are thought to have happened within living memory.

  2. And I think you'll find that 91% of people remember reading in a source 89% of them trusted that 80% of all statistics are made up.


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