Thursday, 19 January 2012

Girl on the Platform Smile

A week or so ago it was pointed out (by @stukershaw, if you're interested) that this advert for a dating agency was getting a lot of showings on telly.

A few thoughts.

A 28-year-old woman is not really a "girl". She is a woman.

That "boy" has a beard. Infantilizing him isn't making this any better.

They're playing the long version a lot. Is this (a) because advertising is really cheap after Christmas or (b) because it's just after Christmas so lots of people need another relationship?

She can't half shift over that bridge, yet is mysteriously not out of breath by the time she materialises on the other platform.

Why the heck has he got a ukelele anyway?

If the solution to not being in a relationship was playing cheap musical instruments on railway stations, who would need Internet dating agencies?

I'm obviously not getting out enough.


  1. Aw I like that advert; it's kinda sweet.

  2. The noticeable thing about the ad is that the colour palette is a pale green (not entirely dissimilar from the sacred ground upon which I find myself now) which thus designates that the station is run by Southern Trains, putting it most probably in either East or West Sussex. Having been a resident of these parts for some half a decade now, I can state that seeing a ukelele on the platform would not be amiss; there's plenty stranger stuff being done by the folks round here.


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