Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Facebook Status Supporting Unicorns

Nobody thinks about unicorns anymore.

Since they were so arbitrarily translated out of the Bibles after the King James Version, people have refused to believe they exist. Jokes have been made about them drowning in the Great Flood - as if a mythical animal dying in a metaphorical Flood were a laughing matter. Well it's not. These mythical animals metaphorically suffered an awful end, and the mere facts that they didn't exist and it didn't happen (or at least not on a worldwide scale and it was embellished for theological reasons) are no reasons to mock.

Will you put this status up on your Facebook page and annoy all your "friends"? At least one of whom is just pretending to be someone you were mates with at school, but doesn't post or interact much - because they're an imposter, and actually they're that boy/girl you used to avoid at all costs and who was thought to spend their spare time torturing moths, and who you secretly feared had a crush on you. And who actually still does.

99% of people won't post any old rubbish on Facebook just because someone they've not seen since before the Berlin Wall came down told them to - but will you?

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  1. I know this might be nit-picking, but shouldn't this be a status on your Facebook page? I'm unsure whether I should cross-pollinate some text from a blog to my Facebook, it sounds awfully dangerous...


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