Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wacky Rejection of Oxford "Application"

I'm sure I should take away a different message from the news that a funny 19-year-old has "turned down" Magdalen College, Oxford.

But all I took from it was that, in 10 years' time, should I be up before the Beak charged with, for example, sticking pots of paint on the heads of annoying people, I won't be hoping that Elly Nowell is my defending counsel. I would fear seeing the judge dusting off the black cap, frankly. If this wacky student ever makes it to the Bar, I foresee a future of her being banged up for contempt of court as, dressed in her elitist barrister's outfit, she makes fun of the judge.

The idea of someone heading for a career in Law complaining about a "fairly ridiculous and prominent elitist institution" defies satire, really.


  1. Her talents would seem more suited to media studies?

  2. Which would lead to a job on CBeebies if she were really lucky.


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