Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Summer is i-kumen in

Much excitement around the Community as we celebrated the first time we've seen the Afterglow on the western horizon after 5 o'clock. Frankly I have my doubts as the sun's still setting in the south-west, and I reckon it was actually the glow from Milton Keynes' streetlights that we saw.

Still, an eventful day as we celebrated the Nativity of Rod Stewart and reckoned that he'd never get away with the lyrics of "Maggie" these days. Or at least, he shouldn't. But "Sailing" is a great song for liturgical responses, and even has its own actions. Great for the kids - if they weren't all at school - but we went ahead anyway. You don't want to suffer too much from self-consciousness if you're in the Beaker Folk.

And we were going to mark the Eve of the Death of Thomas Hardy by eating his final meal tonight. But a bit of research in Millgate has revealed that it was pheasant and champagn Sounds a bit luxurious during a troubled financial period, so we're going for lamb curry and cider instead. I like to think it's what he would have wanted.

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