Monday, 16 January 2012

A Point of Great Importance

It's been a long and painful process, but I'd like to feel we've all grown through it.

And I'm not going to say we've always pulled in the same direction. Often times this evening I've wondered whether there are members of the Beaker Folk who are wilfully argumentative, heretical, or frankly downright possessed. Possibly by the spirit of Mr Ed the talking horse.

And it's not often we cover so much theology in one evening. I mean, apart from the Bible (including the Apocrypha, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Little Book of Calm we ended up seeking through Barth's Kirchliche Dogmatik (in the Flemish) and St Augustine's On Hippos, and we eventually came up with the conclusion.

We're going to paint the Moot House main door green. The people who wanted blue are just going to have to get used to it. Honestly, what a Property Committee. We had to mop the blood up afterwards.


  1. There's just the small matter of which precise shade of green to address then.... Phewph, rather you than me!

  2. Well I for one applaud the choice. Green is a more ‘welcoming’ colour. And that’s what we’re all about, init?

    Blue is cold – symbolizing authority (“the boys in blue”), rarity (“not in a blue moon”) or her Archdruidness (“…until I’m blue in the face.”). I mean TJ didn’t sing about the “blue, blue grass of home” did he?

    And the of course there is a little glas in Eileen, nach ea?


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