Monday, 2 January 2012

Eternal Optimism

You never see the moment the first daffodil shoot appears above ground level. They sneak on you while you're not looking.

And I find the same with first snowdrop or early crocus. They're just suddenly there while you're thinking of something else.

Astronomically we've just passed the point of deepest winter. From now on the only way is up. Whereas from the weather point of view, chances are we've barely started. I've seen no ice on the pond this year - barely the occasional frost. But it doesn't mean that's not all to come. Frost, snow, ice - three months are yet available for all that.

For now, last season's more durable plants are still hanging in there - the hazel, brambles, roses and such-like that hang on to their leaves when the vines and cherries have long lost theirs, and and sleeping and dreaming of sunnier times.

But the daffs and crocuses and snowdrops - they're in action already. No wishful-thinkers, they. They know the next months can be hard but still they push their noses out. Spring's a long way off, but it is coming. The sun rises higher every day. And, tough but lovely, when Spring finally gets here, the flowers will be waiting for it.

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  1. ...and the solar panels produce more lovely free electricity.


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