Thursday, 26 January 2012

Flying Primates

Just musing over Andrew Brown's article in Comment is Free. Nice summary of the situation, I think. Although accompanied by the usual foaming at the mouth from the strangely intolerant liberals the Guardian seems to atttract.

It strikes me that this "code of practice", whereby people can pretend that they aren't under the authority of women bishops even though technically they are (and yet, strangely, people with objections to male leadership have no similar opt-in to a female bishop) is by its nature temporary. For one day, no doubt a while after that blessed day when the first bishop in the Church of England who is coincidentally in possession of a pair of X-chromosomes instead of the allegedly more godly X+Y combination is consecrated - one day someone will decide a woman is the right person to be Archbishop of Canterbury.

That woman may not be born yet. But one day - as day succeeds night - it will happen. And what will happen then? The appointment of an alternative scheme with a Flying Primate?

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