Friday, 27 January 2012

Pointless Activity with Ritual Meaning

Yes, I know the ground is hard this morning. That's the frost did that. And I know it's still icy in places from where last night's outburst of sleety rain settled.

But you've got to take this in the round. The frost breaks up the soil so the plants can grow. It's all part of that death-and-renewal cycle that gives us eternal hope.

But yes, I agree that today may not have been the greatest day to start the digging of the ritual trench. But you're all out there now, the sun's shining, the ice is starting to melt...

And when we've finished digging the trench, and spent a couple of hours looking at it, then filled it in again so it looks like it's never been there - think what a great feeling of achievement you'll all have.

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  1. I simply ask the replicator for whatever I want to eat. Not the Star Trek one - the one at Lidl.


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