Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Painting the Door - Latest

Yet more door-related misery.

Quizling tells me that he represents a number of people who really wanted the Moot House door painted green, but lack the confidence to say.

Interestingly if I add up all the silent people that Quizling claims to be standing for, and those for whom Torquil is the mouthpiece, it comes to more than the number of people that actually belong to the community. I'm starting to think that maybe the two of them are merely trying to increase their own standing, and don't represent "Silent Majorities" at all.

In any case, to restore peace, I'm going for a compromise.


  1. Striped, spotted or just mud-coloured, Eileen?

  2. One side green, one side blue?

  3. Remove the door! Obviously it is a cause of dissension among the faithful. You could then have a no door policy for the brethren and sistern...


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