Wednesday, 4 January 2012


So a disappointing evening.

We've been outside for an hour, taking part in this evening's "Wonders of the Shooting Stars" viewing of the Quadrantids. I was looking forward to the excitement of knowing that these little pieces of rock and dust, shed by an asteroid, are illuminating our lives in a brief moment of brilliance - burning out, rather than burning on, just like what we shouldn't. If you can't rend spiritual truth out of that concept, you've got no soul. And knowing that Venus and Jupiter are also well visible at the moment just added to the excitement of the evening.

I tell you, we've not seen a think with all the cloud. And I've not been this wet since the fight broke out at Filling-Up of Beakers. And cold? I tell you, I'm colder than an impoverished caroller in a Thomas Hardy novel. Same again tomorrow, I guess. Surely we must see some tomorrow.

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