Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sofa Shop Church

We're considering another of Young Keith's ideas today - Sofa Shop Church.

There is some real research behind this one. Firstly, Keith has noted that many people don't go out to church on Sunday evenings - they prefer instead to sit on the sofa and - in the case of the particularly devout - watch Songs of Praise. He also points out that people in adverts for sofa shops are always very happy. And that sofas are much more comfy than proper church chairs, and infinitely more so than pews. Young Keith has gone so far as to point out that the use of rock-hard pews in Drayton's chapel is a direct and flagrant transgression of Isa 40: "Comfort, comfort ye my people."

I can see a lot of sound reasoning in this. If we combined Sofa Church with Cafe Church - and maybe put in Takeaway Pizza Church for good measure, we'd reach an environment that was attractive to the non-religious and very nice to be in. In fact people might forget about the outside world completely, apart from when someone had to get up and answer the door for the latest delivery of pizza.

But the trouble with a Sofa Shop Church is surely that there's always a sale on. How could we cope with constantly having to tell people it's a good idea to come along? It sounds like a lot of work. And I've seen the enthusiasm people in sofa shop sales have to have. I can't honestly see where we'd get that, round here.


  1. Lady Pugh-Foddagh1:06 pm, January 24, 2012

    There wouldn't be any need to take, or indeed count, collections - after all the usual deal is 'Pay Nothing for 3 gazillion years!'

    Perhaps you should reconsider.......

  2. True. I wouldn't want any cash flow problems. Unless, of course, I bought the sofas from Harveys on long-term credit myself?

  3. Hmmm. On the other hand our business model for our main product line is "pay nothing, ever, for eternity - the bill has already been paid". We just need to find a way to pay for the sofas in the medium term.


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