Thursday 10 March 2011

Abseiling down the Moot House

This is ridiculous.

We are a young community, it is true. We don't have hundreds of years of incremental accretion of tradition to follow on to. Except the long line of Beaker saints, whose names we don't know. And whose teachings we don't know. And who left nothing in writing. But that doesn't stop them following in their Christian footsteps. No. It's the fact that they lived before Christ that does that. But we like to think we follow them as they would have been, had they lived in the light of the Gospel but not wanted to go overboard on it.

But I digress. My point is - tradition is good. And when you're new kids on the block, inventing traditions is pretty cool.
But abseiling off the Moot House to greet the rising sun dressed in the regalia of a Cardinal is just silly. Young Keith says he's celebrating the new, healthy, de-coked lungs that he's acquired since giving up smoking yesterday. But I reckon he's just showing off. It's never going to take off.

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