Tuesday 8 March 2011

Approaching Spring

The rabbits know that spring is coming. Even on a cold morning like today's, there's something different in the air. Especially when the sky is blue.  And the sun rises a little further north - or a little less from the south -every morning.

They don't get the attitudes of some human beings. Why, right when life is starting to get better, do the members of one human religion deliberatelystart to go short? They don't get it. That's not how nature generally behaves. They see fresh grass just starting to appear. They see buds swelling and starting to burst - the pears and almonds already getting ready to blossom. The sap is already rising in the trees and there is a warm breath in the stirring wind. And they want to eat the fresh young grass.

Rabbits don't believe that you have to die to rise again. But then again, they're rabbits. They feel safe deep in the ground - it's in the open where they get nervous. But it's in the open that they have to go to eat. It's never a great life being a rabbit. Maybe they don't need their death-and-new-life stories - they're too close to death all the time. And they don't worry about the future. So maybe they already embrace life more as well.

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