Wednesday 23 March 2011

Giving up for Lent - Day 15

Beaker Person
Giving up
Current state
Burton Dassett
Train Spotting
Ygraine spotting (without success)
Young Keith
Turns out this is really tricky.
Archdruid Eileen
Wine tasting isn't like drinking. As long as you spit it out. Eventually.
Obsessed with doilies.
Daphne Hnaef
Marston Moretaine
Fruit & Quiz Machines
Playing Trivial Pursuit. Alone.
Mansfield Woodhouse
Watching Television
Hanging around Comet.
Drayton Parslow
A face waiting for a punch.
Ygraine (from wikipedia)

1 comment :

  1. How you all suffer! Still it's all in a good cause, to make you all better, renewed, fresh people come Easter.

    But I would not like to be around when Keith resumes smoking - possibly a personal chimney would be a good idea.

    And I suspect that the Arch Druid will be drinking port and lemon for the next 10 days, flat out. Or, if the inhabitants of Husborne Crawley are lucky, she will just take to the wine cellar for a lock in for a week or so.


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