Friday 4 March 2011

Bank Holidays

With all the discussion about Bank Holidays changing, can I suggest if you want to space them out evenly we should adopt the traditional quarter and cross-quarter days of these islands, tweaked slightly for Easter and go for the following:

Candlemass / Imbolc (2 February)
Lady Day (25 March)
Good Friday (moveable)
May Day/Beltane (1 May)
Midsummer (24 June)
Lammas (1 August)
Michaelmas (29 September)
All  Saints/Samhain (1 November)
Christmas (25 December)

If the government won't approve of the extra one, maybe drop Lady Day as Good Friday will be along shortly. But you'll never be more than about 6 weeks from the next Bank Holiday.


  1. even better as one of them falls on my Birthday-maybe we could rename it??? Just a thought, bit of megalomania never hurt anyone, did it?


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