Tuesday 15 March 2011

Professor Brian Cox - is he all bad?

I'm a little surprised, I'll be honest. My definitely-final comments on Wonders of the Universe yesterday have drawn a couple of unfavourable comments about Prof Brian Cox. Who, apart from his habit of wandering in front of all my holiday snaps, I have no problem with. He knows his physics, he's articulate, and he's telling a good story. OK, he's also a little inclined to adopt the look of "Soul's Awakening", as Bertie Wooster would put it.

But not everyone dislikes Prof Brian.  When the unofficial Twitter mouthpiece of the Beaker Folk made the comment about the first episode of Wonders (apropos said Soul's Awakening look, Epcot-Centre music and professorial silhouette in front of inspiring landscapes) that "This is all becoming needlessly messianic", he got a very rude answer from a "skeptic". Presumably a "skeptic" who doesn't know his/her Douglas Adams.

So I've decided, in a totally scientific manner, to run a poll.

I should say, these Blogger polls tend to prefer short questions (so you can fit them in the sidebar).  So I'm not accusing Prof Brian Cox directly of causing the Iraq war. No, Tony Blair did that, with his American friend. My point is merely that as a member of the pop group D:Ream he provided the soundtrack to Tony Blair's election. And filled with his own certainty that he was ordained to ensure that things could only get better, Tony Blair invaded Iraq. I hope that's clear.

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  1. AE, he's not bad just attractive *and* clever, geeky but cool and financially successful in more than one career, you know how we English hate people like that.. ;)


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