Monday 7 March 2011

Prof Brian Cox ruined my Holiday Snaps

Fascinating to watch Wonders of the Universe last night. It cleared up many mysteries for me. Not least - who's been ruining my holiday snaps for the last few years.
It's no joke. Every time I upload the shots onto the PC, I discover that the Prof has got himself into all the landscape shots. Always in silhouette. And I suspect always - if we could see his face - with that slightly-agog "isn't stuff great look". Except we can't see it, because he's in silhouette. But consider these:

In Devon

In Cornwall

Disneyland Paris


On the Beaker Pilgrimage to the Rollright Stones

Even on a day trip to Thorpe Park

And at Arbor Law in Derbyshire, he even brought his friends along...
Prof Brian Cox - you're ruining all my holiday photographs. Please - get back to your lab, get the Large Hadron Collider working - and stop spoiling my photos.

Jerusalem adapted from Wikipedia Commons Jgritz

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