Tuesday 22 March 2011

Are we finished yet?

I know that I may be a little over-sensitive at the moment, what with the lack of regular meals, giving up knitting for Lent, frequent evenings drinking in the pub and everything, but haven't we finished with St Patrick yet? Surely he doesn't have a whole Octave, does he? Just the one day. And maybe an eve. And don't forget the traditional hang-over day, of course. But that's a major third at most.

I'm seriously bored of it, I can tell you. The White Horse keeps serving me green beer, the walls of the Moot House are covered in green wall hangings, Young Keith's face has taken a green hue as he tries to distract himself from cigarettes by using chewing tobacco: I can't seem to escape. Even Mrs Hnaef and the Archdruid seem to be in on the act, dressing in lurid lime and bile green outfits which aren't helping me at this time in the morning, I can tell you.

And don't start me on the hedgerows.
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