Saturday 19 March 2011

Giving up for Lent - Day 11

Beaker Person
Giving up
Current state
Burton Dassett
Train Spotting
Drain spotting
Young Keith
Has been discovered with a secret stash of B&H
Archdruid Eileen
Not long till Mothering Sunday. I do get Mothering Sunday off, don't I? Please?
Croquet is good
Daphne Hnaef
Marston Moretaine
Fruit & Quiz Machines
Walking round in small circles
Mansfield Woodhouse
Watching Television
Has put the radio in a crate
Drayton Parslow
As irritating as a bunch of poison ivy wrapped in insulating foam


  1. If the Archdruid is still missing port, there is an argument for attending Holy Communion for the wine, which is both consecrated and in good churches, actually port is used.

    Assisting in wine administration, also provides the opportunity to consume that which has not been consumed by the communicants.

    Just a thought - it means a conversion, but not necessary for the CofE, who would welcome you with outstretched wine chalice.

  2. I think you'll find, UKViewer, that one cannot just turn up and become wine administrator. There are lessons and - for all I know - probably competency examinations.
    Also, I know that some Anglican priests ensure they consume any left-overs themselves. Conversion may be a thought, but waiting for the end of Lent may be quicker.


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