Sunday 6 March 2011

A round-up of this week's round-ups

This week's top round-ups

1. Church Mouse rounded up the top blog posts of the week on Friday.
2. Clayboy rounds up the top blog posts of the week, but he does it on Sunday instead.
3. Left-footer has a list of some favourite blogs. I suspect many are by Roman Catholics.
4.Anita Mathias had a preview of the Wikio top blogs. Apparently some went up and some went down....
5. ... while Revd Lesley had a bigger list so she could include some women
6. The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley... oh, no wait - that's us, isn't it?
7. David Keen hasn't done a round up in ages.


  1. Don't forget The Church Sofa's round up ( or Lesley Fellows's round up (

    I like to think Mouse was the original round up (having copied the idea from Iain Dale's Daley Dozen feature, so in no way original at all).

  2. This all sounds very much like the old TV Programes 'Rawhide'and 'Bonanza'.

    Next there will be the roundups of roundups of roundups.

    All a bit OTT. Now if the Archdruid were to do a roundup of Druid blogs, than that might be more interesting.

  3. I once did a round-up of female football journalists, doesn't that count?


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