Saturday 26 March 2011

Boat Race

A day of tension over the Beaker Community. As a dark-blue myself, I am nerving myself for yet another day when I don't know whether I will face an afternoon of smuggery from those light-blueys, the Hnaefs.

As is traditional on this day, I like to put together a list of famous Cambridge graduates, to remind myself of why Oxford is so great.  I normally start with the Cambridge Traitors.

But this year I note that the Boat Race is scheduled to coincide with the Anti-Cuts March, and the Catholic Church's marking of the anniversary of the vision of OLW (Ordinariate members invited).  I am filled with concern. If you are an Anti-Cuts adherent of OLW and a member of Oxford - or dare I say it Cambridge - which would you go to today? Would you figure that the 950th anniversary of Our Lady of Walshingham isn't so important, as you're hanging on for the 1000th? Or that the annual aquatic encounter is more important than increasing the national debt? Or would you try and do all three? Oh dear, it seems to me that for the left-leaning conscientious Catholic Oxford graduate (I assume Cambridge people are all evangelicals, as it seems to me that both groups reject colour, light and harmony) there is but an overwhelming threat of guilt as they fail to achieve all that is required. I shall wish them well. And remain at home watching the cricket.

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  1. And wash your hands of all. Why does that sound familiar?

    I'll be watching the cricket too!


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