Monday 21 March 2011

St Cranmer's Day

I don't know why there was all that fuss about our celebrations for St Cranmer's Day.

We made a big thing about it and everything. What with it being 500 years since he wrote the King James Bible. Somebody said we'd got it wrong, and he wrote the Book of Common Prayer. But that's obviously wrong because the BCP (1662) was, as the name suggests, written in 1662 and Cranmer was executed by some Tudor or another. So clearly he wrote the King James, because he was Elizabeth I's son. Stop me if I'm getting overly technical here.

Oft-times in my young days I would bicycle by the cross in Oxford where Cranmer followed the candle lit by Latimer and Ridley. And wonder what it represented. There's too much ignorance about.

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  1. Oi! Cranmer. He's the man. As Protestants, we don't need saints, so he's one better. So there.


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