Monday 21 March 2011

Preparations for possible contingencies

The Archdruid has asked me to "think ahead and plan for possible contingencies", and as always, I am taking my responsibilities seriously. I know that she sets great store by Earth Hour, and one of the contingencies might be that all of the electricity is turned off in the Husborne Crawley area, and won't start back up. For this reason, I have decided to lay aside some chemicals for water purification, as it's clear that we would need lots of fresh water (for drinking, let alone the ceremonial and liturgical requirements).

Coincidentally, a friend of Young Keith's offered me a job lot (about four tonnes, actually) of potassium permanganate, which just happens to be a water purifying agent, and allows me to execute my required duties almost immediately, thereby keeping the Archdruid off my back.

I've put it round the back of the Moot House, in the special "storage area" where the community, um, "stores" articles that it can't get round to throwing away. It fitted nicely next to the engine block for the 2006 BMW 325i which is still subject to discussion with the Archdruid's insurance companies. They look fine to me, and I'm not sure what happened the chassis, or why there's what appears to be a set of body panels for a 1957 Corvette SS next to it, but the sacks should be safe and out of the way there.

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