Wednesday 23 March 2011

Earth Hour Approaches

Still determined that we're going to celebrate Earth Hour without any ill effects this year, we've spent today making torches. Not the massively over-powered ones that you buy in garages that you charge up from the mains. Oh no. As mentioned before, they're already sorted out. No, today we've been making some more traditional torches.

I say "more traditional". I picked up the cricket stumps as a job lot in 1989, knowing that there's always a time when these things come in handy. We wrapped some old rags that Daphne had found for us round the ends of them, and then soaked them in the oil that came out of Young Keith's car when he ran over that Yule Log at Christmas.

But then Hnaef came out of the Steward's Cottage, and asked if anyone had seen his dungarees. And the mystery of where the rags came from was explained. I have to agree with Daphne on this one - what's a grown man doing going round in dungarees?

Anyway, the torches are now standing in an old oil barrel all ready for next Saturday. And we've kicked off the shale-oil-powered generator to warm up the thousands of low-energy light bulbs in the Light of a Thousand Suns Floor. Now we just need to make sure we've got a few more lights. We don't want to be short.

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