Wednesday 30 March 2011

Manchester Cathedral "Storm"

I am indebted to Mouse and to my old friend and alt.worship inspiration, Sally, for drawing my attention to the Mail's spinning of a supposed storm about the use of the "Jesus deck" at Manchester cathedral, among other delights. Having read the article, I'm livid.

Where are the pebbles stalls? The Tealights encounter? The "wrapping the altar in 50' of voile" workshop? The "Condemning Rob Bell out of hand" stand? Are Manchester even trying to get themselves into the 22nd century? And I suppose a little worship station with a shredder and copies of the Mail might be a little over-the-top? We could use the shreddings for the Beaker Bunny's cage. Although she's cross enough at the best of times, and this might push her over the edge.


  1. I think the 'condemning Rob Bell handstand' is part of he liturgical dance routine

  2. I don't think it's a good idea to use the Mail shreddings for the Beaker Bunny cage. They use toxic ink. Oviously.

  3. So that's two "no" votes then. Perhaps we'll just stick to the tea lights and Enya.

  4. :-) Simon

    and Archdruid may I suggest the shredder could be used but instead of inflicting the shreddings on the bunnies we might lay them on the ground and build a !cairn" over them, laying pebbles one by one in a prayerful act of somethingness, we could top it with a tea-light and all would be well


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