Tuesday 8 March 2011

Drayton is at One

I have reached a reconciliation with the Lord.

Oddly enough, it was the so-called Archdruid across the Paddock that brought me to this. Which goes to show that, if God can speak through a donkey, then there is no end to the channels through which He can speak.

Not with regard to Eileen's ludicrous suggestion that half of my congregation are actually de facto Arians. How could anyone go to church regularly for perhaps decades, and still come away without a firm understanding of the two natures of our Lord?  Though, now I come to think about it, she may have a point.

And nor was it when she suggested to me that I worshipped a God of mercy, who would forive me my accidental transgression.  Although when I think about it, she is right. That is the message that I first read in the Gospel, that gave me hope so many years ago, that day when, in a frenzy of guilt and doubt, I laid before the Lord my over-indulgence in Victory V tablets. I realised I had weakly surrendered to Man's easy relef and pleasure when I should have faced that common cold in the power of faith alone.

But what really did it was when Eileen pointed out to me what day it is tomorrow in the so-called "Calendar" that the more idolatrous churches follow. And I realised that, if I continue to pour ashes upon myself, people are likely to confuse me with an Anglo Catholic.

So, my soul washed clean and my conscience clear, I'm off into the Manse now. I have pancakes to cook. Marjorie always insists that only a man can cook pancakes properly.


  1. An addiction to Victory V tablets, whatever next, Lovehearts or jubleys?

    I have to admit a childhood addiction to Sherbert with the Liquorice straws. Don't see them in the shops these days, must have been banned with the rest of the Class A sweets.

  2. correct, I tried, but they were rubbish so ice cream it is..


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