Friday 11 March 2011

Burton's Beer Tasting Notes - Whippling

Dear Readers, what a fine ale I have to report to you today. Belvoir Ale's "Whippling".

A superb drink. A typical golden bitter to look at - if it were not for the lack of a head you might think it was a lager, till you tried it. But then you taste it.

No boy's beer this, no matter what the alcoholic strength (3.6%). A sensible beer of which you can quaff more than one pint. With a deep, deep bitterness that goes on and on. A lovely pint.

I will admit, Dear Reader, that I may have had what the Archdruid referred to as a "stupid grin" on my face when I returned to the Community. She asked me what I'd been up to. I replied, "Whippling". She told me not to be so vile. I responded that I thought she would also enjoy Whippling, if she gave it a try. She hit me on the chin, and it took me ten minutes to stand up.

Sometimes, Dear Reader, I don't understand women. Or, to be honest, people.

1 comment :

  1. Presumably because you are still pissed. Or concussed, for that matter.

    On a more serious note: have you thought of goinginto beer advertising? The Whippling website would not tempt me, but your description practically made me salivate.

    Back to boiled water. Sniff.


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