Sunday 20 March 2011

Getting Ready for Earth Hour

Last year's Earth Hour was, to be honest, on the verge of being a bit of a success.

Athough there was a mixture of terror, soaking with water, bruise marks and lacerations - all accidental, of course - we did achieve a recreation of the Fall of the Roman Empire, so that's not bad.

But we did get back to the Great House to discover that Mabelline, as well as causing some nasty lumps and bumps, had over-enthused and switched off all the plugs. Including the ones for the freezers and the hydroponic system. That wasn't a great success for the lickle plants and the Earth in my opinion.

I'm not taking chances on worship in the dark this year. So we've bought some million candle-power torches and we're getting them all charged up now, while it's not a sin to use mains electricity for lighting.

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