Wednesday 9 March 2011

Mrs Hnaef and Lent

I greeted Mrs Hnaef with a cheery "Good morning" today, and received no reply. This, in itself, is no particular surprise, but I checked, and she seemed to be fully awake.

This is also not unheard of, but, on reflection, I remembered that I hadn't come back late from The White Horse singing rugby songs last night, which is the usual reason for such silence. On racking my brains, I could think of no reason for the "cold shoulder" at all: not only have I not performed any obvious "transgressions" recently, but I've also not tried to make up for any: which is often just as destructive.

But Mrs Hnaef greeted the milkman quite cordially this morning, and even had a word for Drayton (not a word I would repeat in polite company, as it happens). I wondered whether I was dreaming, but on trying to fly, I fell rather painfully down the stairs. And I seem able to interact with my computer in the normal way, so I seem to be alive. She just isn't talking to me, or even seeming to notice my existence.

It seems that Mrs Hnaef has given me up for Lent.
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