Thursday 17 March 2011


Someone phoned and left a message on the Community voice-mail last night. The Archdruid is greatly confused, and has asked me to look into it. She's used to getting messages for "the Archbishop" (if they're not too abusive, she forwards them to John; if they _are_ too abusive, she forwards them to the other one, who apparently likes a good laugh), but this one was asking to speak to "that short web project manager bloke who makes tortoise pies and cycles everywhere". The pies bit sounded like me, but I'm not short, or knowledgeable about the web. Burton cycles, but is also not short. All of the short, web-literate members of the community are either female or have a tortoise phobia (what are the odds?) so we're at a loss.
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  1. As you say, Hnaef, totally beats me. I know a web project manager of very definitely average height, but apart from that...


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