Saturday 11 December 2010

Advent - continuing activities

A thoughtful and challenging evening lined up then.

First of all we will consider this post by the Maverick Philosopher on "Being dead and non-existent".

and then this one on the Epicurean Death Argument and Nihilism.

Lest this leave us in too light a mood, we will then watch the Newcastle-Liverpool game on ESPN. That should really help us to understand the concept of purgatory.

Dinner tonight is No-Spring Chicken with very little Thyme, to encourage us to think of how the hourglass is running out for all of us.

Then we will go out and look at the crescent moon, think of all the lovers that have met, wooed, cried and pledged eternal love under it down the centuries - and consider that they're all generally dead.

If we keep this up for another week, I reckon we will be in the perfect awaiting mood for Christmas. Don't you just love that feeling of doom and despondency?

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