Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The secret of Ed

Speaking as the former Minister for Unnecessary Spending - a post I had to rescind when I took the Chiltern Hundreds due to my non-membership of either Conservative or Lib Dem parties came to light...

I've been watching Ed Mililband very closely up to the point when I was removed from the House. And I've been pondering ever since. And now, having run his voice through a digital analyser and his facial expressions likewise, I've realised what the problem is.
When you listen to his voice, and you look at him - it's obvious once you know. Either because he promised his mum he'd be tidy, or because his partner has "explained" to him that he is going to change that certificate whether he likes it or not - don't you think maybe his tie is just a little bit too tight?

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  1. My theory is that he is attempting a Tony Blair impersonation.


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