Thursday, 16 December 2010

Take That Re-union Tour

It was nice to see Take That this afternoon.
It was nice.
It was just strange that they were performing in the garage.

Then we went out to the Orchard, for the "Very Quick Filling-up of Beakers before they fill with snow or freeze". And who were singing "Shame"? Take That.

And then an hour later we sent Hnaef to put out the milk bottles. Obviously, that takes a while. What with the people with lactose intolerance. And the people with goats' milk intolerance. And the people that demand skimmed. Or full-fat. Or those strange people that swear by semi-skimmed. I mean, how odd is that? You want less fat - but not quite no fat. Just a bit of. Sorry, lost the track for a moment there. So anyway, Hnaef goes out with the bottles, and what does he find?
That's right. Take That, performing on the doorstep.

Heard screaming from the Safari Park later.  Marston nipped up a ladder and looked over the wall. Who did he see exiting, pursued by wolves? You guessed it.

It's not that I'm complaining. OK. It is that I'm complaining. Everywhere I go I see Take That. It's like those people that claim they've seen Jesus in a slice of toast, or a tree-stump or the condensation on a window. Except every time we look more closely, it really is Robbie, Jason and all the rest.

I'm holding a special prayer meeting tomorrow morning. We're taking lots of pebbles. And if Take That turn out to be the choir, we'll all know what to do.


  1. Perhaps you should water the mead!

  2. There appears to be great excitement regarding the re-union of Take That with Robbie Williams, or at least I think there is, I heard someone mention it last week.


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