Tuesday 7 December 2010

The grumpy Archdruid and the homeless tightrope walkers

No chance of any sleep round here, even after cancelling Pouring Out of Beakers for the fifth day running. Yesterday Burton decided to Pour Out Beakers anyway, without permission. A five-pound block of ice fell out and caught him just behind the steel toe-cap. Causing me to ponder why anyone ever wears safety boots, since all accident forms claim people were hit just behind the steel toe-caps. It's quite uncanny, really.

I've had Drayton Parslow round already this morning, asking if he can erect a tight-rope along the length of St Bogwulf's chapel.  Or as he now calls it, Bogwulf Funambulist Baptist Chapel. He's lucky we're not C of E, or it would have been months before he got the answer "no" from English Heritage, the Archdeacon or wherever. Whereas I was able to say "no" straight away. Much more efficient.

Seems Drayton has a new group of followers, but they seem to be even more hopeless than the normal run of Beaker Folk. A group of tight-rope walking Baptists. In the old days the Government would have stepped in with psychological assistance, and they might even have got a grant. Whereas now the State has pulled out of provision for groups like this, and leaves it to small local agencies, churches and charities.

I tell you, David Cameron says it's the Big Society. But I have to ask myself whether we're really just being used as a safety net.


  1. ROTFL! I love the image of tightrope walking Baptists. Revd Parslow you are inspired!

  2. Give the funambulists enough rope and look what happens! :)


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